Executive Accelerators

Welcome to Executive Accelerators

We specialise in facilitating business leaders making informed decisions through shared innovative thinking.

We provide a trusting environment where you can share innovative thinking about your business, gain insights into practical solutions for business problems, whilst also sharing experiences and knowledge with your peers.

“There is a place for you at the table”

Through our Roundtables we encourage the testing and validation of your big ideas, collaboration across the group, and the discussion of strategies to meet the changing environment. We focus on business effectiveness and growth.

You access the strategic thinking of around 15 other business leaders from non-competing firms. 

We build discussions around themes chosen by you, the participants. Our Facilitators provide background resources and then guide the conversations.

Our Business Innovation Roundtables bring together business leaders from different sectors and industries. You therefore not only have access to an extraordinary amount of experience and expertise, but also many solutions from different industries that you may not have thought also applied to your own business needs.

We focus on enabling you to make more informed decisions through shared innovative thinking by anticipating what is required to evolve your business for future growth.

The Roundtables provide access to new strategic thinking, insights into how to position your business in the context of global trends and identification of innovative ideas and tools to assist you in making effective change.

Our Roundtable Participants often find that business issues or challenges they face have already been experienced by other group members who, as your peers, are more than happy to share their wisdom and companionship with you.

Participating business leaders mentor each other, care for each other’s businesses, and enable each other to access the shared intelligence of the group.

We also provide linkages to collaborative opportunities, the knowledge and resources of leading business thinkers, government programs, public research and global expertise.

We can be provocative but always engage your thinking beyond the immediate to the extraction of greater value in doing business into the future.

Support Services

Through the rich skills and competencies of our Facilitators, we can also bring to your business a broad range of capabilities for working with you to solve your business problems. For further details visit the Support Services page.

We facilitate different types of Roundtables to provide Participants with peer to peer inspiration, learning, sharing & discovery of strategies, hidden secrets, short cuts, solutions, aspirations and challenges.
Executive Accelerators provides the opportunity for business leaders to explore problems, frustrations, blind spots, and their inability to action good strategy through coaching and mentoring services.
Discover the capability and competence of up to 18 other senior leaders and your Facilitator, a unique and powerful resource for you in managing and leading your business. Develop new initiatives and grow.