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Our Facilitators are servant, mentor, stimulant, provocateur, and occasionally leader. They are people who have sound business practice in their own right, strong creative personalities and the ability to guide the discussions in the right direction . They are competent at provoking learning within the group and capable of offering high calibre insights into how businesses succeed.

Meet our Facilitators

Bryce Steele
Bryce Steele is an experienced business leader, advisor, consultant and facilitator, with high-level experience in industry-to-research collaboration facilitation, change management, innovation, commercialisation, business & market strategy, manufacturing and project management.

David Nixon
David Nixon has more than 25 years of working as a consultant, strategist, change manager and senior executive within several high profile organisations. He has made a name for himself as a dynamic and motivational business change leader across a variety of businesses including utilities, councils, government authorities, not for profits and multinational corporations. He operates his own business called ‘Better Managed’.

Frank Wyatt
Frank Wyatt is a nationally recognized change agent bringing together teams of expertise and excellence to drive growth through innovation, leadership, collaboration and strategy in businesses and organisations.

Graham Robertson
Graham Robertson is an experienced, successful and recently retired Managing Director who has 40 years of business experience across various FMCG industries, 23 years of which were leading Australia and New Zealand operations of global and locally owned businesses as a Managing Director.

Howard Lilley
Howard Lilley has over 20 years of experience at a senior management level in Corporate life and 10 years running his own business in the SME sector. Howard commenced his working life in engineering and went on to Sales and Marketing in the broadcast television industry in the U.S.A. leading a National team of 90 staff in 7 sales offices.

John Moroney
John Moroney is a highly experienced business advisor, consultant, business strategist, business mentor and coach in the SME business sector. He has senior executive industry background includes engineering, manufacturing and information technology with roles including CEO and COO and as a company director in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Margaret Douglas
Margaret Douglas has had extensive executive management experience, at CEO level since 1996, in State and Local government, service industries and a range of private enterprises, including law, travel and mining. She has also had over 10 years' experience on Boards.

Mark Langdon
Mark Langdon has over 30 years senior management and board experience in the engineering, construction and manufacturing sectors. Mark has a proven record in improving business performance, revenue and profitability through leadership and entrepreneurship; training, developing and motivating staff; developing new business opportunities through innovation; and the formation of strategic alliances.

Michael Edgecombe
Michael Edgecombe is an experienced business advisor and change facilitator for some of Australia's leading companies. With more than 25 years' experience across the government, energy and manufacturing sectors, Michael works with business owners and executive leaders to remove roadblocks, build capacity, and accelerate profitable growth.

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Neil Tuckwell
Neil Tuckwell is a highly experienced business advisor, mentor and meeting facilitator in the SME sector. Neil has had full time work experience in a wide range of organisations, in Australia and overseas, over the past 40 years.