Executive Accelerators


New confidence, new value, and new energy 

Business Innovation Roundtables

Our Business Innovation Roundtables are a creative and enjoyable way of achieving new confidence, new value, and new energy for you and your business.   

The Roundtables provide a small supportive forum environment where successful CEOs, GMs or MDs meet to access peer to peer inspiration, learning, sharing & discovery of their own hidden secrets, their short cuts, solutions, dreams and challenges. It is where assumptions are challenged and new ideas are floated and tested. Strategic business issues of the day are also debated.

Join our Roundtables and:
  • build confidence in your core choices 
  • develop advanced strategic thinking techniques
  • gain insight into constructing innovative investments
  • better anticipate future local and global business environments
  • tap into a new source of innovative ideas
  • take advantage of the value of networking
  • gain insight into effective collaboration with outside organisations
  • improve your ability to collaborate internally across domains
  • improve your resilience and flexibility
  • improve your ability to sustain, retain and recruit talented staff
  • strengthen your leadership skills 

Business Innovation Roundtables bring together the expertise of your own peers, sharing a vision of  discovering your own hidden secrets of success.

Our Facilitators have sound business experience in their own right and have strong creative personalities, provoking learning within the group and offering high calibre insights into how your business can benefit through the four pillars of Innovation, Leadership, Collaboration and Strategy. 

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