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We are a true value service network.

We offer you access to solutions through your peers, the innovative thinking in our Business Innovation Roundtables and through connecting you with specialist advisors in our Facilitator network. 

Ask your Facilitator to introduce you to consultants from our team who can provide you with solutions for your business problems

The scope of our capabilities for delivering solutions includes:


Coaching provides the opportunity for business leaders to explore problems, frustrations, blind spots, and their inability to action good strategy through qualified / accredited coaching services. You can request access to a coach and we will provide you with the name of three from which you can choose.


Your coach will work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of you in your business so that they provide an independent voice, act as stimulant and provocateur to you clarifying your goals and more intensely engaging you in strategies to achieve them.

Many of our Facilitators are also professionally qualified coaches or experts in specific fields and work collaboratively so that you get the benefit not only of your own Facilitator but of their ability to draw into the group's expertise.


Increasingly, successful business people find that being coached is a critical part of their leadership and professional capability development, which readily transfers to business success.


Business Mentoring


Business Mentoring provides the opportunity for business leaders to access business advice on specific or technical matters which require more in-depth engagement than via the Roundtable environment.


Your Business Mentor is professionally qualified in specific fields working with you to provide in-depth specialist advice related to issues in your business.


Engagement with Publicly Funded Research Organisations


Executive Accelerators can introduce you to PFROs to provide you with access to the latest research related to developments in your business offerings.


Our experiences suggests that companies do not access public research as they often find accessing the knowledge of universities and cooperative research centres to be a maze too complex to penetrate; we have access to advisors with specialist skills in working

with you to access the latest thinking and knowledge.

Successful businesses of the future will increasingly be knowledge intensive businesses with strong relationships with public research. 

Tailored Events & Experiences


Executive Accelerators introduce our participants to tailored events, showcases, and experiences including Master Classes and other extended learning experiences.  

Board Governance

Executive Accelerators can refer you to either one of our Facilitators with specialist knowledge of Board Governance or to other consultants that specialise in working with Boards and Management teams.  

Executive Leadership & Training

Executive Accelerators not only has Facilitators with specialist executive leadership skills development capabilities but we also have established a strategic alliance with both AMTIL and its Advanced Manufacturing Capability Alliance and Swinburne University and its Advanced Manufacturing Cooperative Research Organisation and its Innovativity Program.  

Strategic Thinking & Planning

Businesses can no longer rely on imitation and efficiency, business of the future will rely more heavily on strategic thinking and planning and effectiveness in business model innovation. Executive Accelerators can introduce you to experts in assisting your business to accelerate the rate of appropriation of value within your business.  

Growth Planning & Management

All businesses must focus on growth and the techniques for planning to successfully achieve it. Executive Accelerators can refer you to specialist advisors and programs for: 

  • increasing productivity through innovation
  • lifting competitiveness
  • opportunity identification
  • development of new offerings
  • exploring export opportunities
  • managing cash and equity alignment
  • attaining environmentally sustainable practices
  • exposure to new marketing and promotion opportunities