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Benefits of Joining a Roundtable

New confidence, new value and new energy.

Join one of our Roundtables and access new confidence in your decisions, new value and new energy for your business. Our Roundtables provide access to advanced thinking and innovation in your business approach and construction of innovative investments. 

We focus on renewal and growth by anticipating what is required to prepare your business for the future. Our Roundtables provide access to new strategic thinking, insights into how to position your business in the context of global trends, and innovative ideas and tools. 

As a new Roundtable Participant you will discover the capability and competence of approximately 15 other senior business leaders and your Facilitator. As a unique and powerful resource they will assist you with insight to better manage and lead your business, help you to develop solutions and new initiatives to grow your business, and renovate its business model.

Most Participants say that they find their group of peers unique in providing them with a ready source of strategic insight, information, quick tactical solutions, access to shared resources and a ready benchmark against which to measure themselves and their business.

The benefits to you:
  • a supportive Roundtable environment in which to share and explore best practice monthly
  • a group of peers as an independent sounding board and source of new ideas
  • a professional Facilitator with expertise in Innovation, Leadership, Collaboration and Strategy related to business model development
  • expert occasional guest speakers linked to the themes chosen by the group Participants bringing the latest business thinking
  • acceleration of your ability to lead and manage your organisation and company
  • a strong collaborative network and group dynamic enabling the opportunity to link and collaborate with other businesses
  • the opportunity to engage in further professional development through one-to-one coaching, or mentoring and peer insights to improved organisational capacity and capability
How our Roundtables work:
  • we start a new Roundtable when we have enough new accepted Participants, approximately 10 to 15 being the optimum group size
  • each Participant is from a non-competing business
  • Roundtables meet monthly for two and half hours(normally over breakfast) with strategic discussions guided by a Facilitator
  • themes for discussion are generated by the Participants in collaboration with the Facilitator
  • expert guest speakers are invited where their focus aligns with the themes chosen by the group
  • we register Participants for 6 months at a time with the option of joining for 12 months

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